MSM Solutions is in the business of providing solutions to the Mining industry. We provide Metallurgical, Sales and Marketing solutions. In partnership with you we can also offer plant and leadership training to your stuff.

We guarantee value for money as we help you to run your business more efficiently. Our experienced and dedicated engineers are always on hand to offer advice and support. We will do the running around for you to help you achieve efficiency and productivity you require in the areas of metallurgy, sales and marketing.

MSM Solutions engineers have been involved with various companies, processes,  products and services, and we share collective experience of many  years in different processes and products.

Here is the summary of services we offer:

  1.  We diagnose challenges, suggest solutions and with your permission we will implement.
  2. We are always happy to share our knowledge and process experience.
  3. We guarantee you competitive prices on our service offering.
  4. Our sales and marketing team is always available for your marketing needs.
  5. We conduct market surveys on your behalf and make further recommendations.
  6. We offer cost-effective solutions on customer retention strategies.
  7. In partnership with our business partners, we offer plant and management related training.

We have experienced engineers in metallurgy, sales and marketing who have been with various companies over the years.

Our experience is based on having hands-on exposure in the mining industry from many operations in South Africa as well as other countries.

We deliver smart solutions for the mining Industry and that’s what drives us!

typical Gold Processing Plant

A Typical Gold Plant Flow Sheet